Helpful ways to pay for college

If you want to attend Montco but feel overwhelmed by the cost of a college education, consider applying for financial aid.

Too often students assume they are not eligible for financial assistance, so they don't even apply. However, the only way to know if you're eligible for aid is to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The FAFSA is free to complete and will inform students of their aid eligibility for the upcoming academic year. 

**Important FAFSA Update**

May 2024 Update: Montco has started to receive and process FAFSA forms for 2024-25. Students may now make corrections to their 2024-25 FAFSA forms with limited functionality.

Please Note: The ability for institutions to make changes to a student's FAFSA will become available in late June. Montco is holding all FAFSA corrections due to changes in income or unusual circumstances and will submit them as soon as the functionality becomes available.

There have been many changes to the FAFSA for 2024-25. Please read the application carefully and double-check your information before hitting submit.

Types of financial aid

By filing the FAFSA, you could be eligible for:

  • Federal grants — federal financial aid, such as the Federal Pell Grant, that does not have to be repaid;
  • PA state grants — state financial aid that does not have to be repaid;
  • Scholarships and awards — institutional financial aid that does not have to be repaid;
  • Federal work study — part-time employment that helps finance your education;
  • Loans — borrowed money that must be repaid with interest;
  • Tax credits and deductions.
Additional information

Learn more about financial aid through informative video segments geared toward students and parents.

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Emergency Funding

If you are experiencing a financial hardship, you may be eligible for emergency financial assistance.

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FAFSA Simplification

Big Changes are coming to the FAFSA application for the upcoming 2024-2025 aid year! The Office of Financial Aid will update this page as additional information is made available so that we can continue to educate students, families, and our campus community on the new processes.

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Transferring Financial Aid to Montco

Ensure your financial aid transfers with you. Follow these simple steps...

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Financial Aid Resources & Policies

Understand how the financial aid process works, your responsiblities, and more...

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